For better or worse, likes, comments and shares have become major currency in the digital age.

These can translate into more clients and customers, more media attention, more brand deals...the possibilities are endless, but it all starts with having good content. And good content takes planning and effort, something which individuals working to run a business, a family, a personal life, etc. just might not have time for. But that’s where a pro like Lee comes in! She knows how to get the kinds of shots that’ll get people noticing your social feeds, which’ll get more people in the door. Know the kinds of visuals you’re after? Perfect, she’ll get them done and over to you for uploading faster than you can say “viral cat video”! Not so sure what you’re going for, or how to generate those likes and follows? Lee can absolutely take the creative direction reins and pitch you some ultra-personalized ideas. Then all you’ve got to do is post, et voila! Your feed will be the talk of the town!

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