Whether you’re an established corporate enterprise or an up-and-coming small-scale operation, Lee’s dedicated to boosting your business.

Looking to promote a specific product? She’s got you covered. Need an incredible headshot? She’s on it. Snaps of your new interior or exterior decor? She’s your girl. Anything you can think of (and even a few things you can’t), Lee’s more than equipped to nail visuals that’ll get people buzzing about your services. And did somebody say food? While Lee’s got experience across a wide range of industries, the culinary sphere is near and dear to her lens. She’s a pro at making dishes look delicious, so if you’re in the market for sumptuous snaps, absolutely reach out; from start-ups to full-blown brick-and-mortar operations, she’s willing to work with you to create custom visuals that’ll make big waves.

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