The First {Melbourne | Maternity Photography}

This absolutely beautiful maternity shoot was filled with firsts….

… Eloise & Ben’s first baby…

….the first time I met them (but definitely not the last :-))…

…the first family booked in for my brand new First Year Package…

…the first time I’ve included pets in a shoot (which I just LOVED, I might add :-))

…my first shoot at Caulfield park, which is astounding considering I live not far from it and it’s so stunning, as you’ll see.

But what wasn’t a first for me was what I love so much about maternity shoots. The anticipation. The excitement. The already unbelievably strong bond with their baby. The pure,¬†unadulterated LOVE. *sigh* I could breathe in these emotions all day. They’re like an elixir for me. I can’t wait for the next stage in this family’s life, to meet their beautiful baby. And to experience those emotions all over again, only a billion times stronger.

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