Maternity + the Beach = I’m in love!

This morning I got the chance to photography Michie, her absolutely adorable son Benny and her beautiful bump. Michie was an absolute gem and let me mould her in every which way, while Ben just went with the flow. He’s such an easygoing little man with a gorgeous smile. I hear he has a girlfriend, but watch out Livvie, cause Mia looked like she had the hots for him 😉

After being pulled every which way in my home “studio”, we toddled off to Brighton Beach. Brrrrrrrrr is all I can say, and yet, you would never know Michie felt even slightly cold as she hotfooted it into the water for one of my crazy ideas. You’re an absolute gem Michie and I loved photographing you and Benny. I can wait to meet the new addition in a few weeks. Enjoy your sneak peeks for now 🙂

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