Light, light baby! {Melbourne | newborn photography}

In response to a recent post, I was asked if I shoot all natural light. The simple answer is yes. I love natural light and the different ways you can play with it.
Want something light and airy – no problem… shoot into the light. Want dark and moody, place the subject at an angle that will cast (flattering) shadows. To me, there’s nothing yummier than the orange/pinkish glow of a beautiful sunset and the images you get during that time of day are just scrumptious. Almost as scrumptious is the early morning light too.

There are however, times of the day that I do not like to shoot – I don’t think anyone quite realises how harsh the Australian sun is till you try shoot in it. In summer, I would say any time from around 9:30am – 6pm is just way too harsh for children’s photography – kiddies have no concept of turning away from the light, hehehe… so you go with what they do, which 99% of the time is to have the light glaring on their delicate skin and causing really harsh shadows. In winter, I don’t like to shoot any later than 9:30am up until around 4pm… unless of course, you are indoors. That’s a totally different kettle of fish.

Sometimes, indoors, if it’s really dark and dreary, I will use my off camera flash (OCF) if I really, really have to. But I prefer not to. I also do not have a studio lighting kit and to be honest, I wouldn’t even know what to do with it. I WOULD like to learn to use one though! I am also really looking forward to learning a bit more about OCF in May at a workshop I’m attending! So watch this space for some OCF fun! Might even try it out for a “Trash the Wedding Dress” session I have coming up… oooohhh… so excited for that!!!

Here are some of my favourite natural light images that I have done in the past. Can YOU tell where the light is coming from in each of these pcitures? If you can, you’re on your way to learning to see light..

ben 4

Sienna 1


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