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A little while ago I did a stunning family shoot for Melissa. She is a beautiful soul and I was SO happy to work with her. We styled her shoot perfectly and the results were so worth it. I asked her to write a little bit about her experience and here’s what I got. I am so lucky to have amazing clients like Melissa and her family 🙂 Look out for their full blog post of images soon! 🙂

“I realised that it had been a long time since our last family photos; in fact, we had no family photos with our second son, Elijah. The last time any family photos were taken was when our eldest, Lachlan, had just turned one, right after the passing of my dear mum. Secretly, I think I had been avoiding having photos taken because I was so severely overweight that I couldn’t bear the thought of life long lasting evidence of my weight issue.
In the middle of 2013 I had lost a large amount of weight, and a lot of family members were commenting and asking for updated family photos. We knew it was time to have some done; not to mention we felt a bit guilty that we didn’t have any proper family photos with Elijah and he was almost 3!
I contacted Liat from Lee Bird Photography. I didn’t need to look around to find anyone to take our photos as she took the newborn photos for Elijah and we absolutely love the results. Following Liat’s blog and Facebook page I have seen many, many simply beautiful photos from her shoots. She also shows such versatility in the style of her shoots that I knew I could do something a bit creative and she would capture the essence of the shoot in a way no one else could.
It took a little while to decide on the theme of the photos, we knew we wanted something a bit creative and different from your traditional family photos. So we looked around the house for inspiration. While thinking about it one day, our boys were riding around together on their classic red trike, we thought it would be nice to include that in the photos somehow. Then inspiration stuck one evening while watching “A Place To Call Home”, what about a 1950’s inspired photo shoot!? After discussion with Liat, we decided it was a great idea and an area referred to as ‘The Boat Graveyard’ would be the perfect location to suit the theme of the shoot. It was also close to the beach so we could mix things up with some beach photos too.
I set about picking clothes to suit the theme. It was easy for Matthew and me as we already had outfits that worked. I needed to find something for the boys to suit the theme. We were very lucky to find the perfect outfits in the shops at the time and the only thing we didn’t have, and couldn’t find in the shops, was the messenger boy style hat for Elijah. So I put my sewing skills to good use and made him one with some fabric I had ‘laying around’.
Finally photo day had arrived and so had the rain after a week of perfect weather. We were keeping everything crossed the weather held off, and were very fortunate that it did. Liat was fantastic to work with. She took photos of us talking and the boys playing, without being intrusive and also set up posed beautiful shots. It was such a relaxed and enjoyable shoot, and everyone had so much fun. A great mix of the natural and posed, making fantastic use of the environment around us. We left the shoot knowing that the wait to see the proofs would be torture. We just knew she had really captured the feel and look we were aiming for, and knew there were some really special photos to come. Seeing the few sneak peeks was even more torturous because they were just amazing
When we got the proofs, the wait was well worth it. We are just blown away by what Liat has been able to capture. Not only had she composed the photos so well, and her skills as a photographer shone through, but she was able to capture the personalities of all of us in the photos, and the love within our family. Everyone who sees the photos are just truly blown away by how amazing they are. We feel so blessed to be able to have these amazing precious memories that Lee has created for us.”
1950s family photography (7)
1950s family photography (1)

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